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A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

Welcome to another year in the illustrious history of St John’s College, Woodlawn – a history to which your child now belongs. It is important for students, therefore, to create that sense of belonging by identification with the community, by participation in the community and through an understanding of the values that are the foundation of the College.

For much of the history of St John’s, the College was run by the Marist Fathers who encouraged their students to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives. It was not, however, a striving for excellence for its own sake; for sake of self-glorification; rather it was a striving for excellence as a means by which each individual is able to realise the God given potential endowed at birth.

As a parish school, Woodlawn continues that tradition, by offering staff a Marist Immersion experience, and training our student leaders through the Marist Youth Leader formation program. Through these programs the Marist spirit continues to permeate the seams of Woodlawn, enriching and colouring the daily life of the school as we educate your sons and daughters in the Catholic tradition.

Education today is a collaborative venture. It is vital, therefore, that staff, parent/caregivers and students are all familiar with the contents of this booklet. As well as outlining the day to day procedures of the College, this publication contains contact and communication procedures to assist us in developing deep understanding, support and trust with each other.

We trust you will find this information useful as you chart the way forward for your child. We look forward to working with you on the exciting adventure that is education in 2021.

Tenete Traditiones

Aaron Beach