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8. Sport

Participation in Sport

Apart from those students who are prevented by special circumstances from participating in certain types of activities, all students are expected to participate in the College sporting program.

traditions houses sports carnivalThat program involves:

  1. Playing for the College against other schools;
  1. Playing sport within the College. (This often involves participation in the Inter-House competitions,);
  2. Wearing the correct PDHPE/Sport Uniform during timetabled Sport classes at all times.  Students wear their College Uniform to and from school and change into their PDHPE/Sport Uniform at the beginning of the PDHPE/Sport period and change back into their College Uniform at the completion of the activity (unless sport is timetabled for Period 5).

The College sport program will involve as wide a range of sports as is compatible with the availability of venues and of staff members to coach and/or supervise.

Years 11 & 12 – Years 11 & 12 are required to participate in the Major College Sporting Events (e.g. Swimming Carnival, Athletics Carnival, and Cross Country) but will not be required to participate in the weekly integrated sports program.