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7. Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Part C – Procedures for the Management of Discipline at St John’s College, Woodlawn

Rationale for the Discipline Levels System

The Levels System of Discipline aims to promote a fair and consistent approach to the management of student behaviour.  At the commencement of a student’s enrolment at the College, students have rights and responsibilities according to the Students Charter. A student who is in breach of any of the rights and responsibilities of the Student Charter may be placed on a Discipline level. The student will be spoken to about the misdemeanour and the level recorded and parent/caregivers informed. If the student’s behaviour is more serious or there are a series of offences, or uncooperative or anti-social behaviour continues, parent/caregivers will be contacted and an interview may be required.

Some features of this System are:-

  1. A student in breach of any right or responsibility faces the consequences of being placed on a Level 1or 2. If the student chooses not to modify unacceptable behaviour, or to repeat this behavior they may remain on the level. The parent/caregivers will be notified of any situation where the student is failing to take responsibility for their behavior. The system is designed to build respectful relationships and to ensure that the student continues to be a valued member of the College community. A restorative meeting may be arranged to rebuild relationships between student and/ or teachers.
  2. The Welfare Team’s prime function is the pastoral care and wellbeing of students. Our discipline procedures allow for student welfare and behaviour to be monitored using fair and just processes.
  3. The Welfare Team is comprised of the Assistant Principal, the Year Coordinators, Assistant Year Coordinators the School Counsellor and Inclusion Officer. Other staff, including the Indigenous Liaison Person and Home Group teachers may also assist when necessary.
  4. Students who are placed on levels have their progress monitored by the Welfare Team in consultation with members of the Curriculum Team.