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7. Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Part A – Mission Statement

Mission for Catholic Education in the Diocese of Lismore

“Catholic education exists for the saving mission of the Church. This mission is expressed in animated and identifiably Catholic learning communities immersed in the presence of Christ and serving His Church. These communities promote the communication of Truth, an abundance of life for all and service. In so doing they engage the hearts and minds of students leading them more deeply into the life of Christ and the Church.”

Belief Statements

 St John’s College Woodlawn, as a Christ centred learning community, is inspired by the Holy Spirit to live the Gospel way of life, as witnesses and to witness faith, hope, love and service in the way of Mary.

Our school motto is: Tenete Traditiones

“Therefore, hold fast to the traditions which you have learned, whether by word or example.”

Thessalonians 2:15

We believe staff and students live out the role of Christians in words and deeds through reconciliation and restorative justice practices based on the dignity of the human person.

We believe in an atmosphere of divine worship in the daily life of the school that nourishes and provides opportunity for faith formation.

We believe each person in the school community should be valued and treated with respect.

We believe education is a collaborative venture with the school, family, parish and wider community. Parents and carers are recognised and welcomed as co-responsible partners in Catholic education.

We believe in just and fair processes to guide and develop the ability of all members of the community to make sound and moral decisions.

We believe student learning at St John’s begins with a rich curriculum that is relevant, responsive and rigorous, catering for the needs and growth of every learner and permeated with a Catholic Worldview.

We believe learners experience the joy of learning and thrive in adaptive environments that are safe and supportive.

We believe all students at St John’s need to be given frequent opportunities to think critically, work collaboratively and to express learning in creative ways.

We believe in building inclusive, supportive and respectful relationships to enhance the learning capabilities of all in our community.

1. I have the right to be a part of a community that values and promotes safety and wellbeing in all aspects of college life. I have the responsibility to act safely and ensure that others are safe and feel safe.
2. I have the right to receive a holistic education, which includes spiritual, cultural, academic and sporting experiences. I have the responsibility to actively engage in the spiritual, cultural, academic and sporting aspects at the College.
3. I have the right to believe in myself as a learner, enjoy my education and achieve my goals. I have the responsibility to involve myself in all aspects of College life so I can achieve my goals.
4. I have the right to a well maintained and clean college environment. I have the responsibility to maintain a clean college environment.
5. I have the right to be respected in my relationships with both students and teachers at Woodlawn. I have the responsibility to treat both students and teachers with respect.
6. I have the right to my own values and beliefs. I have the responsibility to respect the values, beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church.
7. I have the right to trust and be trusted. I have the responsibility to be truthful and honest in what I do and say.
8. I have the right to enjoy the benefits from the good name of my college. I have the responsibility to uphold the good name of my college.
9. I have the right to be a part of a diverse and vibrant school culture. I have the responsibility to help build school culture.
10. I have the right to expect that all these rights will always be mine. However, if I fail to carry out my full responsibilities, I can lose my privileges. I have the responsibility to protect the rights of others by fulfilling my responsibilities at all times.
11. I have the right to make decisions in accordance with the school’s rules, values and beliefs. I have the responsibility to act within the school rules when making decisions.