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6. Curriculum

Vocational Pathways

Careers guidance falls under the responsibilities of the Vocational Pathways Coordinator.

The Vocational Pathways Coordinator has an office situated in the Learning Centre.  This means that they have access to students in Years 11 and 12 from their study periods for careers advice.  The phone extension number for the Learning Centre is 490.

The Vocational Pathways Coordinator has Library and resource material that will provide careers guidance to Years 9 and 10 students upon request.

The Vocational Pathways Coordinator oversees all vocationally oriented pathway responsibilities within the College.  The Vocational Pathways Coordinator is responsible for collecting data on the career goals of our students and their career destinations.  This will allow some detailed research on the efficacy of our programs, particularly in relation to achievement of stated career goals.

Any student in the College can obtain career advice via the Vocational Pathways Coordinator upon request.