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6. Curriculum

Responsibility for Learning (RFL)

What is RFL?

This is a formative reporting process designed to provide on going feedback regarding each student’s learning habits and effort in class to students, parents and staff.

The class teacher assesses each student over the reporting period by evaluating the student’s effort against the descriptors outlined in the table below. The teacher awards the student one of the following ratings: Excellent, Commendable, Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. A “UG” (ungraded) determination will be given to a student when a teacher is unable to provide a Descriptive Rating because of insufficient time to assess a student’s effort due to extended absence etc. These ratings will be reported to students and parents via Schoolworx. This information is then available for use by parents, class teachers, Home Group teachers or other staff to continue to encourage and motivate students to maintain or improve their effort in classes throughout the year.

RFL was created from the College academic and learning values.

Rationale: Guiding Principles

  • We value self-regulated learning and recognise the importance of self-assessment, self-reflection and goal-setting in promoting self-regulation in our learners;
  • We value clear and more regular feedback to students and parents about learning processes, habits and behaviours;
  • We value the reduction of assessment tasks so as to decrease the stress of numerous tasks on students;
  • We value the reduction of assessment stress on teachers, allowing them to assess knowledge, skills and processes in a manner that is subject-specific;
  • We value reporting and providing feedback on data that is collected from a wide variety of formative and summative tasks;
  • We value providing feedback on knowledge, skills and processes;
  • We acknowledge that compliance is not learning – that quiet students are not necessarily effective learners. As such, feedback on learning habits needs to be focused on self assessment, reflection, goal-setting and metacognition, not on cooperation, respect and compliance (which are nonetheless important aspects of classroom culture).
RFL is an important form of student assessment at St John’s College, Woodlawn. It is a means of providing useful and ongoing feedback to students, parents and staff about a student’s progress on a regular basis. By using the Progressive Attitude and Application Rating, a teacher is able to report on a student’s standard of effort by evaluating the student’s performance against the following descriptors:
RFL Rating:

RFL Description:


Student’s effort exceeds expectations


Student makes a substantial effort



Student makes a satisfactory effort


Student’s effort is unsatisfactory




Self-reflection Collaborative work Independent work Listening



Seeking help Extending myself


Exceptionally positive

-exceeds classroom expectations

– always shows respect for others

– follows instructions

– exceptional in working independently when required

– exceptional in working collaboratively when required

– exceptional in completing homework

– adds to positive atmosphere with genuine contributions

– always participates in classroom activities

– exceptional reflection and goal setting used to increase learning

– always prepared to seek help

– always seeks ways to extend learning

Consistently positive

– meets classroom


– shows respect for others

– follows instructions

– consistently works independently

– consistently works collaboratively when required

– consistently completes homework

– makes a positive contribution to the classroom

– consistent reflection and goal setting used to assist learning

– consistently prepared to seek help when required

– consistently seeks ways to extend learning

Usually positive

– usually meets classroom expectations

– usually shows respect for


– mostly follows instructions

– usually works independently when required

– usually works collaboratively when required

– usually completes homework

– can make a positive contribution to the classroom

– has used self assessment and reflection tools to increase learning

– can seek help to assist learning

– has sought some ways to extend learning

Sometimes positive

– sometimes meets classroom expectations

– sometimes shows respect for others

– sometimes follows instructions

– sometimes works independently

– sometimes works collaboratively

– sometimes completes homework

– does not make a positive contribution to the classroom

– does not attempt to utilise reflection or self assessment to increase learning

– does not seek help when required

– has not attempted to extended learning


Attentiveness Behaviour Cooperation

Independence Punctuality




Exceeds expectations

– exceptionally punctual

– completes all  tasks within set timeframes

brings all equipment & planner

– volunteers for class tasks

– exceptionally cooperative

– displays exceptional diligence and  sustained  effort

– exceptional in completing classwork

– treats school property with respect

– always brings equipment

Consistently meets  expectations

– consistently punctual

– consistently completes tasks within set timeframes

– brings equipment &


– volunteers for class


– consistently works cooperatively

– consistently displays diligence and sustained  effort

– treats school property with respect

– consistently brings equipment

Usually meets expectations

– usually punctual

– usually completes tasks

within set timeframes

– usually brings equipment &


– sometimes volunteers for class tasks

– usually works cooperatively

– usually displays diligence

and sustained  effort

– treats school property with respect

– usually brings equipment

Sometimes meets expectations

– sometimes punctual

– occasionally completes some tasks within set timeframes

– lacks preparation for

assignments and class work

occasionally brings equipment & planner

– sometimes makes an effort

– rarely makes a contribution to class tasks

– sometimes works cooperatively

– does not treat school property with respect