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6. Curriculum

Malpractice – Plagiarism – Cheating

The standards and principles regarding the authenticity of student work and acknowledging material obtained from other sources in assignments and assessment tasks extends across all year groups.  Although these following statements refer specifically to students in Years 9 to 12 (Syllabus Stages 5 and 6), students in Years 7 and 8 should be aware of the standard required and should always acknowledge the source of the information they are using or quoting.  The following statements are central for the standard required by our students and form the basis for the procedures which will be followed in the case of suspected malpractice, plagiarism or cheating:

  • Students need to be made aware of the rules associated with plagiarised work;
  • The teacher who suspects malpractice is to report the offence to the relevant Leader of Learning;
  • Students who are suspected of plagiarism will be interviewed by the Leader of Learning and asked to provide evidence of research in note or draft form;
  • Students suspected of cheating will be interviewed by the Leader of Learning;
  • Students who are found to have plagiarised or cheated will be placed on the discipline level system and will receive a mark of zero for that task;
  • Parents will be informed of the issue by letter and/or telephone by the Leader of Learning;
  • In these cases, the student will be required to resubmit the task or similar task within one week.

For more information, please refer to the Curriculum Handbooks, Years 7-10 or Assessment Handbooks, Years 11-12 where you will find details on “What is Plagiarism” and the correct procedure for acknowledging different sources.