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5. General School Information


All students travelling on public transport are expected to be polite and courteous and to maintain the highest standards of behaviour. Students are reminded that the good name of the College and that of their fellow students is threatened by poor or unacceptable behaviour.  The School Administration endorses the Code of Conduct issued by the Ministry of Transport and supports the bus companies’ right to take action against students who behave in an unacceptable or irresponsible manner.

Bus Travel To And From School

There are various bus companies.  All of these use the Lismore Schools’ Bus Interchange near Trinity Catholic College, located in Leycester and Hindmarsh Streets. Some bus companies operate a service direct to Woodlawn.  However, most students travelling by bus will transfer buses at Trinity College.

Parent/caregivers should contact the bus company which services their area, to enquire if the company travels directly to Woodlawn.  Some students will have to make separate applications to their local company and to Northern Rivers Bus Lines.  Students who use Northern Rivers Bus Lines for the entire journey need only make one application.

Northern Rivers Bus Lines buses depart for Woodlawn from Bays 19 or 20 in Hindmarsh Street.  The buses depart between 8:25 a.m. and 8:40 a.m. arriving at Woodlawn by 8.50 a.m.  Students must ensure that they transfer directly and without delay to the Northern Rivers Bus Lines bus to the College to ensure punctuality for Home Group commencing at 8.55 a.m.

The Northern Rivers Bus Lines afternoon return services depart the College from the bus area on Fr Smith Drive or the Front Drive from 3.25 p.m. with the last bus arriving at Bays 19 or 20 at approximately 3.30 p.m.

Application forms for bus travel are available from the bus companies or from the College Student Services Office.

Students are not permitted to travel to and/or from school with people who have not been authorised by the parent/caregivers or the College.

Dropping Off and Picking Up Students

The location will be the sporting field entrance leading to a roundabout with two way traffic where you may drop off and pick up in a marked drop off zone.

There will be waiting bays for short stopping on the left hand side when entering if required.

People coming to the College for other purposes will still use the main entrance and front drive parking as normal.

These changes have come about to eliminate the congestion caused by cars and buses arriving at the same time and provide an increased level of safety to students.

Please also note the College speed limit is a maximum of 15kms.

Year 11 and Year 12 Students – Driving Motor Vehicles

Year 12 students who are licensed to drive a motor vehicle may be permitted to drive to school.  Application form must be signed by the parents or guardian and then forwarded to the Assistant Principal.  If the application is granted it may have special conditions.

The following rules apply to students who drive motor vehicles:

  • the motor vehicle is used only to drive to and from school.
  • the motor vehicle or is not to be used at any other time during the school day. For exemptions to this rule, students need to speak with the Assistant Principal, Coordinator of Administration, Principal or delegate (the relevant Year Coordinator – 11 or 12).
  • students are not to transport another student to or from St John’s College unless prior permission has been sought in writing from the parents of both the driver and passenger and the College authorities approve this application.

If permission has been granted:

  • Students are to transport only one passenger at any time.
  • No pillion passengers are permitted to be transported on motor bikes.
  • Students are to park in the designated student car park areas only unless otherwise directed.


Because of Woodlawn’s distance from town and the dangers encountered on the road at busy times such as before and after school, students are not permitted to ride bicycles to school.