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5. General School Information

Student Planners

The School Planner/Senior Student Planner is an important aid to help students organise and improve their studies and allows for written communication between teachers and parents.  The planner is designed to make students’ school experience a success as well as to give them more time for other activities.  It is an important aid to help them to organise and to improve their studies and allows for written communication between the student, the teachers and the parents. Students should read the introductory pages of the planner and become familiar with its contents. Planners should be taken to each lesson and Home Group every day.

  1. The Planner should be maintained in excellent order. No writing is permitted on the cover other than details of your student name and class. As the Planner is an official mode of communication between students, teachers and parents it should be used correctly and not as a personal diary.
  2. All details of set homework, assignments, assessment tasks, projects and tests should be recorded in the Planner. Throughout the school year students should record and update results, awards and achievements in the Record of Achievement section of the Planner.
  3. Planners that are lost must be replaced as soon as possible. The student should inform his/her Home Group Teacher who will arrange a replacement Planner. The cost of the new planner will be charged to the student’s bank.  If a student forgets to bring the planner on a particular day he/she should obtain a replacement page for that day from his/her Home Group Teacher or from the Student Services Office.
  4. If a teacher or parent needs to inform the other of matters pertaining to the progress of a student they may record their comments in the daily ‘Comments’ section of the Planner.  Teachers will record any Detentions, overdue work or other matters relating to the student’s progress in the sections provided in the planner.
  5. Home Group Teachers will check the Planners once a week and parents are requested to sign the Planner at the end of each week. Year Coordinators may make a periodic check of the Planners of students in their care. If there is an important communication from parents it is the student’s responsibility to show the note to the relevant staff member.