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5. General School Information

Student Illness and Sick Bay

Students who are too sick to attend school should remain at home. Medical appointments should, where possible, be arranged outside of school hours utilising the family doctor, dentist etc.

If students become ill during the school day the students must see their class teacher who will give them a note to report to the Student Services Office.  The student will be attended to by the secretarial staff and if well enough allowed to return to class.  However if the student cannot return to class they will be admitted to the sick bay and parent(s)/caregiver(s) will be contacted by the Student Services Office Staff.  Parents/Caregivers can then make arrangements to collect their son/daughter.

If your son/daughter is involved in an emergency situation, the College will provide whatever medical assistance is required and, if possible, contact you immediately. The Confidential Student Information form includes a medical authority.  By signing this authority you give your written approval for College staff to render or seek the required attention if such an emergency were to occur, and for you to accept full responsibility for all expenses should any be incurred.

The College has a policy with the Ambulance Service of New South Wales to provide a service during school hours, that is, approximately, 8.30 a.m. until 3.30 p.m., which also covers college school sporting activities after school hours (such as Saturday and Sunday). Parents need to be aware that they should ensure their children are covered by insurance to provide ambulance service at times other than the above.

Individual cover can be obtained by contacting a private health insurance company.  Students with Health Care Cards are automatically covered.

Non Prescribed Medication

Paracetamol is the only non-prescription medication that will be dispensed by the Student Services Office.  This will only be permitted if the parents/carers have given permission on their child’s College Enrolment Form or their Student Data Update Form.

Prescribed Medication

Generally, the College does not accept responsibility for administering prescription medication.  However, in special circumstances arrangements may be made for the overseeing of some prescription medication via the Student Services Office.  There are strict procedures followed for the dispensing prescribed medications.

If parents/carers wish to take advantage of this service, they must:

  1. give full written authority to the College to give medication to the child and include the following information – reason; name of medication; dosage; and duration.
  2. parents/carers must deliver the medication in person to staff responsible at the Student Services Office.
  3. Students who are on a health care plan will need to provide the school with the relevant information.