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1. Aims and Expectations

What is Expected of Students

It is assumed that:

  1. Students who are enrolled at Woodlawn have chosen to attend the school or are at the very least, accepting of the decision that they be here.
  2. Both students and their parents accept and actively support the Catholic and Marist character of the school.
  3. Students are willing to abide by those regulations which the College authorities see as necessary for the effective and safe operation of the College.

To behave as a truly Christian and responsible member of the College community, it is expected that each student will:

  • take part in community prayers and liturgy and be respectful of the sacred character of the chapel.
  • treat all members of the College community (students, teachers and staff) with respect and understanding.
  • avoid all physical violence or dangerous activities and observe rules designed to create a safe environment for all.
  • respect the property of others and the College, and not steal, damage or willfully misuse such property.
  • value their own health and the health of others, avoid using or encouraging others to use harmful substances, and participate in sporting programs designed for healthy living.
  • in keeping with this expectation, accept that the supply of, the encouragement of and the use of harmful substances such as tobacco, alcohol or other drugs will be avoided at school and elsewhere.
  • understand and accept that the supply, use or encouragement of the use of harmful and illegal substances will attract sanctions which may include suspension or expulsion. (Students in the company of other students who are smoking, or using drugs or alcohol are also liable to disciplinary action.)
  • be conscientious about classwork, be punctual for classes and study, respect the right of others to study and to learn without being distracted, and so observe the regulations designed to create a favourable working environment.