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1. Aims and Expectations

Aims of St John’s College

St John’s College, Woodlawn is a coeducational Catholic College, under the direction of the parish of St Carthage’s, Lismore. It is dedicated to creating “an atmosphere permeated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and love”.

Drawing on the tradition and spirit of the priests and brothers of the Society of Mary (Marists), the staff and parents work as partners and collaborators in the mission of “building a new Church in the spirit of Mary”.

Consistent with the College Mission Statement, the school aims:

  1. To develop an environment in which Christian faith grows and where the Gospel spirit of freedom and love is apparent, and where the Marist commitment to imitate Mary’s way of following Christ is evident.
  2. To encourage within each individual student the development of a personal faith commitment.
  3. To generate self-esteem and confidence in each student as he or she deals with people and tasks.
  4. To foster and supervise the intellectual, academic, cultural and scholastic development of the students and to prepare them for work situations or higher education.
  5. To develop a sense of civic and personal responsibility, appreciation of human rights and respect for the law which will promote active citizenship.
  6. To provide a wide range of sporting opportunities and leisure activities and to encourage an attitude which will contribute towards character development.