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9. Policy Extracts and Statements

G – Fee Policy



To ensure that the policy for collection of fees harmonises with the College Mission Statement and philosophy of Catholic schooling and Diocese of Lismore Catholic Schools Limited guidelines, without jeopardising the financial health of the College and its ability to offer contemporary teaching and learning practices of the highest standard.


Fees include Tuition Fees, Elective/Subject Fees, Resource Hire Fee, School Bank and any other fees as determined ‘essential’ to the operations of the College. This policy also applies to and includes how the College treats course fees invoiced by External Providers.


Tuition Fees will be set on an annual basis following approval by St Carthage’s Cathedral Parish Finance Council in accordance with the Budget process. Tuition Fees for the forthcoming year will be finalised by December.

In setting Tuition Fees, the College will have due regard to the mission and principle of the Catholic Church in the desire to make a Catholic education available to all Catholic children.

Further, the College will have due regard to the Consumer Price Index, in being a reasonable guide to the raising of fees each year. The College will also set fees in accordance with the ongoing need of the College in terms of the approved annual operating Budget.

Payment Terms

Fees are invoiced on a term basis. Payment of all school fees and charges is required prior to the commencement of each school term unless there is an agreement between the College and parents to pay by instalments.

International visiting students will not be required to pay fees; however, Full Fee Paying Overseas Students and students on Full Exchange programs will be levied the annual tuition fees.

The College is sympathetic to genuine requests for fees to be paid in installments. Generally, such requests would need to be made in writing.

Methods of payment and frequency can be altered from time to time following sufficient notification by those responsible for payment of fees. The College will endeavour to ensure that any changes to frequency of payments are matched to – and have consideration for – family’s income frequencies.

Decisions regarding repayment arrangements are to rest solely with the Principal and the College Manager, as his delegate, if appropriate.

The preferred method of payment for instalments is by electronic credits to the College bank accounts. Other than in specific pre-approved cases, the term’s fees are to be paid by the end of term in which they are invoiced.

Should repayment arrangements not be met within fourteen (14) days of due date, repayment arrangements are deemed to have lapsed and will require renegotiation.

Any overdue monies may attract interest from the date 14 days past due date.

Parents who are experiencing difficulties maintaining fees payments should contact the College Manager at the earliest possible opportunity.


Students currently receive a 10% reduction, on Tuition Fees only, when up to three siblings are enrolled concurrently at the College. The fourth and subsequent children will not be charged Tuition Fees (only). This concession is applicable whilst four or more children are enrolled at the College.

Overdue Fees

The College reserves the right to charge an administration fee on overdue accounts at a rate established from time to time by the College.

Overdue accounts, including those where agreements for the payments have not been honoured, will result in a review of the student’s continuing enrolment at the College; and may impact on future sibling enrolments.

Students may be excluded, as a last resort, from any activity as determined from time to time by the Principal and College Manager in consultation with the Year Coordinator, due to non-payment of fees.


Non-payment of fees is viewed seriously by the College and unpaid fees will be followed up periodically.

In effecting processes for the recovery of fees, the College notes that the failure of some families to pay school fees creates a burden for the remainder of the school community. Debt collection programs will be conducted in both a sensitive and orderly process. At all times, debt collection processes will be strictly confidential and all documentation will be maintained on the family file under the control of the College Manager as the Principal’s delegate.

Where fees are unpaid, the College reserves the right to:

  • Withhold reports and references;
  • Exclude student(s) from activities;
  • Reconsider re-enrolment of the student the following year;
  • Exclude sibling enrolments;
  • Engage a Formal Debt Collector;
  • Under exceptional circumstances, pursue legal action.

Bad debts will only be written off following all reasonable attempts to collect funds having been exhausted and only after consultation with the College’s governing body.


A full term’s notice, in writing, to the Principal is required of intention to withdraw a student from the school otherwise a term’s tuition fees will be charged.

On the occasion that a student is asked to leave the College, fees will be non-refundable and a term’s fee will be payable.

When a student leaves the College, the student must be signed out from all subjects, confirming all textbooks and other related materials have been returned and fees paid.

If all resources are returned, but fees remain unpaid a refund will be directed to outstanding fees.

In exceptional circumstances, the Principal has the discretion to consider a pro-rata refund of tuition fees. Any request for this consideration is to be made in writing.

Fees for Students with Extended Absences

The continuation of enrolment, (ie holding a place for that student’s return) impacts on the College’s responsibilities to other students via a reduction in budgeted income for an extended period. This policy aims to minimise the adverse implications of cost to student’s family/ lost revenue for the College, in a fair and equitable way for all those involved.

Where the student’s extended absence is due to a formal student exchange program where the family will be hosting another student who will attend the College, Tuition fees are to be paid in full. However, the visiting student will not be charged tuition fees during their exchange at the College.

For more information regarding Fees for Students with Extended Absences, please contact the College Manager.