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9. Policies and Statements

E – SunSmart Policy

This policy aims to promote habits among students and staff that help to prevent damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and to help reduce the incidence of skin cancer.


St John’s College, Woodlawn supports the information and procedures set out in the Catholic Education Commission’s document “Guidelines for the Safe Conduct of Sport and Physical Activity in Schools”.

In that document, it states:  “The major cause of the common skin cancers is cumulated unprotected exposure to the sun.  Research shows that most skin damage occurs during childhood and adolescence.  As such, there is a need to raise awareness within the whole school community about precautions needed to maximise protection from the sun.”

The Following Procedures Apply for Students and Staff at St John’s College

When students and staff are involved in outdoor activities at school or at school-related activities, they are likely to be exposed to direct sunlight.  This might occur during Sport or PDHPE lessons, at recess and lunch times, and during other activities, for example, camps, excursions, etc.  On such occasions, sunscreen is provided for all outdoor activities and the following procedures apply:

Wear a Hat Whenever staff and students are in the sun they must wear the College broad brim hat. For students, this is the correct green College hat, which is part of the school uniform.