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9. Policies and Statements

D – PDHPE and Timetabled Sport Uniform Policy

Students are expected to wear the correct PDHPE/Sport Uniform during PDHPE/Sport classes at all times.  Students wear their College Uniform to and from school and change into their PDHPE/Sport Uniform at the beginning of the PDHPE/Sport period and change back into their College Uniform at the completion of the lesson.  The correct PDHPE/Sport uniform is outlined in the Parent Student Handbook (see page 30 for details).  Students who fail to wear the correct PDHPE/Sport uniform might jeopardise their final mark for the course.

Procedure for Monitoring Correct PDHPE Uniform

  • A note signed by parent/caregiver must accompany the student to the lesson if a variation in uniform occurs.
  • If a student fails to wear the correct uniform without an explanatory note, the following procedure will apply:
    First Occasion Verbal warning regarding incorrect uniform is recorded.
    Second Occasion The classroom teacher may write in the College Planner and inform the parent/caregiver.
    Third Occasion A detention task will be issued.  Student may be placed on a discipline level.
  • The above procedure applies on a term basis.