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5. General School Information

Homework and Study Policy

The Homework Policy is one that is determined within the auspices of the different Key Learning Areas.  The approach in terms of form, length of time and presentation may well vary from department to department.

Homework is set by teachers to supplement and complement work done in class.  It is an integral part of each student’s work and can cover the areas of research, application, consolidation and revision.  It is expected that students should make every effort to complete homework.

Students are to use their planners to record homework and assignment tasks as an assessment schedule is published at the beginning of each term for students from Years 7-12.

All students need to set goals in planning homework tasks to accommodate assessment tasks and assignments.  The planners are a tool to help students learn how to organise their time wisely.  Teachers will take into account the volume of homework recorded in the planner when setting tasks.  However, students should ensure they plan extended task completion rather than doing it the night before.

Benefits of Homework

Home work is valuable if it:

  • Strengthens home-school links.
  • Allows for practising, extending and consolidating work done in class.
  • Teaches students how to plan and organise their time.
  • Develops students’ research skills.
  • Establishes habits of study, concentration and self-discipline which will serve students for the rest of their lives.
  • Reaffirms the role of parents and caregivers as partners in education.
  • Provides parents and caregivers with insights into what is being taught in the classroom and the progress of their children.
  • Challenges and extends gifted and talented children.

Homework may involve:

  • Reading a novel or text
  • Learning a spelling list
  • Looking up word meanings
  • Studying for a unit test
  • Learning tables or rules
  • Completing an activity sheet
  • Researching for a project/task
  • Finding a recipe
  • Copying missed notes
  • Answering maths questions
  • Finding information
  • Watching the news
  • Practising a speech
  • Writing a text
  • Illustrating notes
  • Developing a design
  • Re-reading class notes

If a student is feeling pressured by excessive expectations, parents/carers should put a note in the student’s planner for the teacher, outlining the problem and clarifying what work was NOT able to be completed.  This will be respected by the supervising teacher.