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4. Fees

School Fees and Charges 2020

The payment of school fees and other costs are required at the beginning of each term.  There is a reduction of 10%, on tuition only, for brothers or sisters attending the College at the same time.  Additionally, the fourth and subsequent children will not be charged (tuition fees only), whilst four or more brothers and sisters are concurrently enrolled at the College.  All fees and charges are subject to yearly variation unless stated otherwise.

Tuition Fees – 2020

Years 7 and 8 (4 terms) $  835 per term
Years 9 and 10 (4 terms) $  875 per term
Year 11 (4 terms) $  975 per term
Year 12 (3 terms) $1320 per term

Resource Hire Fee

The Resource Hire Fee of $300, billed in Term 1, represents a partial offset of College-provided resources to students each year.  This includes textbooks, novels, printing, software licences, internet access and other resources etc. This fee applies to all students.

School Bank

A deposit of $100 for the first term of enrolment is required for each student to cover some excursions and incidental expenses.  Student Planners are provided to all students by the College and charged to the School Bank in Term 1.  A balance of $100 is to be maintained at the beginning of each school term.  The amount required to ‘top up’ the bank, ie. what has been spent in the previous term, is added to the school fee account.

If there are insufficient funds in a student’s School Bank at the beginning of each term, these students will be asked to pay for excursions prior to being permitted to attend.

Year 7 Book Packs are comprehensive and include the compulsory workbooks and planner. The cost of the Book Pack is split into 2 partial payments and is charged to the School Bank over Terms 1 and 2.  For details please refer to your Information Pack handed out on the Year 7 Parent/caregiver/caregivers Information evening.

Any remaining balance in the School Bank when the student departs the College is refunded via cheque or direct credited to any remaining sibling’s School Bank after the Financial Audit has been completed. This is approximately April/May each year.