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4. Fees

School Fees and Charges 2020

The payment of school fees and other costs are required at the beginning of each term.  There is a reduction of 10%, on tuition only, for brothers or sisters attending the College at the same time.  Additionally, the fourth and subsequent children will not be charged (tuition fees only), whilst four or more brothers and sisters are concurrently enrolled at the College.  All fees and charges are subject to yearly variation unless stated otherwise.

Tuition Fees – 2020

Years 7 and 8 (4 terms) $  835 per term
Years 9 and 10 (4 terms) $  875 per term
Year 11 (4 terms) $  975 per term
Year 12 (3 terms) $1320 per term

Resource Hire Fee

The Resource Hire Fee of $300, billed in Term 1, represents a partial offset of College-provided resources to students each year.  This includes textbooks, novels, printing, software licences, internet access and other resources etc. This fee applies to all students.

School Bank

Due to the College migration to the Diocesan financial software package, the school bank will now be operated differently.

We will be invoicing parents on a monthly basis to cover any small activities or charges relating to their child. You will receive a note for all extra curricular activities, from the teachers, as usual.

As per our previous process, excursions or resources costing more than $25 per activity will continue to require payment and permission note to be returned prior to the activity.

This billing process will give families a comprehensive list on their statement, of their child’s activities.

We hope this change in our process will be positive for families.