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3. Contacting the College

Staff Liaison

Home Group Teacher: is responsible for Home Group session, attendance, pastoral care of home group, report comments, uniform check, student appearance, checking student planners.

Class/Subject Teacher: is responsible for the management, welfare and academic progress of students in his/her subject, primarily during class teaching time.

Leader of Learning: in conjunction with class/subject teachers, is responsible for academic performance and behaviour management of students in his/her area.

Leader of Curriculum: has overall responsibility for the management of the total curriculum.  The Leader of Curriculum (in liaison with relevant Leaders of Learning / Welfare Coordinators / Vocational Pathways Coordinator) will assist parents and students with subject selection.  Any change to a student’s pattern of study (subject or level) must be approved by the Leader of Curriculum.

Welfare Coordinator and Assistant: have responsibility for the welfare and overall academic progress of the students in their year group.  The Coordinators of Years 11 and 12 assist the Leader of Curriculum and the Vocational Pathways Coordinator with Higher School Certificate entry details and with the dissemination of relevant information from the Board of Studies.

Each Welfare Coordinator is a member of the Welfare Team and also liaises with the School Counsellor in regard to pastoral welfare issues.

Leader of Catechesis and Leader of School Evangelisation: have responsibility for the Catholic teaching, practice and ethos of the College.  In conjunction with the College Chaplain they coordinate College liturgies and retreat programs.

Assistant Principal: has the overall responsibility for the management of the College.  The Assistant Principal advises staff on matters pertaining to the welfare and management of students in their care and is also responsible for issues or misbehaviour that may arise outside of school, or on public transport, or misbehaviour that is a major breach of College rules.

Parents should feel free to contact their son’s or daughter’s Home Group Teacher, Coordinator, Assistant, Subject Teacher, Leader of Curriculum, School Counsellor, Coordinator of Administration, the Assistant Principal, or the Principal regarding any matter pertaining to his / her progress at school.