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3. Contacting the College

Contacting the College

All visitors to the College must sign in at Reception upon arrival and sign out on departure.

General Secretarial Staff (8.30 am – 4 pm)
Student Services – Absences Phone: 6626 2629
Curriculum Mrs Nadine Connolly
Vocational Pathways Mr Bernie Maginnity
Vocational Education Mrs Tanya Pearson
Distance Education Mrs Tanya Pearson
Fees Ms Carolyn Hope
Building Fund Mrs Tammie Creary
Woodlawn Ex Students Association Inc Mr Damian Price (President)

Enquiries related to general school behaviour should be directed to the Subject Teacher, KLA Leader, your child’s Welfare Coordinator or the Assistant Principal.

Assistant Principal:  Mr Michael Campbell

Administration Coordinator:  Mr Bradley Ryall

Welfare Coordinators Assistants
 Year 7  Mr Matt Brown Mrs Sharon Thompson
 Year 8  Miss Stevie Whitton Mr Bernie Maginnity
 Year 9  Mr Ruben Garcia Ms Melissa Rainbird
 Year 10  Mr Simon Andrews Miss Annabelle Green
 Year 11  Mr Nick Jones Mrs Michelle Went
 Year 12  Mr Matt Irvin Mrs Sharni-Lee Garrington